Black-Eyed Susan Dresser

Here’s another piece of trash that I found on my block waiting for garbage pick-up:

It was a sort-of bland, beige-grey color, the back panel was buckling and pulling away from the body of the dresser, and the bottom drawer was warped and didn’t close all the way. All those problems were easy to fix! I used a few extra tacks re-attach the back panel to the body of the dresser. The bottom drawer was sticking because the plywood side wall of the drawer was splitting – I used wood glue and borrowed spring clamps to compress the plywood back into shape.

Then came the fun & creative part! I wanted to create a cheerful and fun look, so I chose a pale sunshine-y yellow paint that my friend gave me, leftover from painting her living room. First I took out all of the drawers, removed the knobs, lightly sanded the visible surfaces using a borrowed belt sander, and wiped the surfaces clean. Then I used a small roller brush to give the body of the dresser and the drawers two coats of paint.

I decided that the dresser needed some sparkly new knobs to dress it up a bit, but I couldn’t decide on a color. Then, on my bedside table that night, I noticed a packet of Black-Eyed Susan seeds that I had picked up at our food co-op, and I was inspired by the black & yellow combination – think sunflowers and bumblebees!. I found shiny black glass knobs at Anthropologie in SoHo, on sale for $2.99 each, so I bought ten for a total of $30. I love how the knobs really gave the little dresser some personality!

Here’s the final product – a piece of trash transformed into a sweet, useful, unique piece of functional furniture!
This dresser was officially my second sale – I posted it on craigslist complete with the story about how it was inspired by the Black-Eyed Susan seed packet, and the next day a hip young woman who was moving into a new place in Williamsburg came by to check it out. She left a cash deposit and came back to pick it up two days later! The net proceeds (after paying for the new knobs) went straight into our Paris-in-October fund.

Here it is again – before and after. Do you like this flower-inspired transformation?



One response

  1. I love the black eyed-susan color scheme & the shiny knobs make the piece. Cool blog! I’m unfortunately too far away to be a customer; but will be reading from Berkeley

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