Bread baking interlude

A brief departure from design into the kitchen…my husband and I have decided that we will finally do something that we’ve always wanted to do: bake bread every week! He even created a spreadsheet that we printed out and posted in on the wall to track which kind of loaves we’ve baked.

We started this week with a very basic white bread. We’re fortunate to have some good baking supplies, many of which were wedding gifts, including a beautiful and superbly informative baking book from Sur La Table, a KitchenAid stand mixer, a counter-top kitchen scale, a silicone loaf pan, an instant-read thermometer, a pizza stone and a pizza peel. I remember baking a few loaves back in middle school after learning how in 8th grade home-ec class and how time-consuming the process could be; using the stand mixer for this purpose makes the whole process so easy! And the warm, humid weather is perfect for rising dough 🙂

The whole process, from waking up the yeast to pulling the bread out of the oven, took a few hours, but required very little actual worktime. Most of that time the yeast was working its magic on its own, eating the sugars, creating bubbles, expanding the volume of the dough. Of course it smelled delicious as it was baking and it came out perfectly golden brown after 35 minutes at 400 degrees. I took these photos just a couple minutes after it came out of the oven – can you see the steam?


We’ve been enjoying the bread toasted with butter & honey (just like at Great Harvest Bakery where I used to work in Rockridge) and also for PBJ and turkey sandwiches. We’re excited for our next loaf! Any suggestions?


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