My friends are the best!

I was at ABC Carpet & Home last night waiting for the NYC Apartment Therapy meet-up to begin when I got a phone call from my friend Janel  – she had stumbled across a collection of free wooden chairs in Stuy Town and wanted to know if she should wait with them for me to come pick them up! She even texted me this fantastic cell phone picture so I knew what she was talking about:

What an awesome haul, right? If I wasn’t at an event that was about to start, and if I had access to a pick-up truck in that moment, I would have loved to bring these home to my basement. I can just imagine them painted white, or maybe a light blue-grey, with new, colorful seat cushions in coordinating (but not necessarily matching) fabrics. I could create such a unique and fun collection for someone’s dining room from this mis-matched, motley crew of old wooden chairs!

Janel, thank you SO MUCH for thinking of me when you spotted these chairs!! I have the greatest friends…you’re all out there on the streets, keeping your eyes out for potential furniture overhauls to send my way. Call me, text me, email me, or, for those without the technology, send me some telepathy! I won’t always be able to pick up what you find, but I’ll always be grateful for the tip.


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