Bluebell magazine rack

A couple of weekends ago we were walking around the neighborhood when we came across a sidewalk sale. I spotted a cute little wooden magazine rack in good condition and with nice lines. The price sticker said $3 but I only had two dollar bills in my wallet – so the seller agreed to the low low bargain price of two bucks! It’s light and has a convenient handle, so Brian and I carried it with us the rest of the way home. It sat in the basement gathering dust for a couple of weeks until yesterday, when I took it out into the backyard for its make-over.

Here’s what it looked like around 1:00pm – decent but kind of blah:

I chose to paint it a lovely blue color – not quite royal blue, definitely not baby blue, brighter than navy blue – maybe it’s a blue like bluebells? I just learned that the scientific name for this flower is Hyacinthoides non-scripta. Image from wikipedia:

But before I could paint the magazine rack bluebell blue, I gave it a grey primer coat to make sure the blue would show up bold & bright:

And finally, by about 5:00pm yesterday, this is what it looked like!


I gave it a coat of lacquer to protect the paint job and so that it would look smooth and shiny. It’s really bright and cheerful! I can totally see it in a child’s room, holding stacks of favorite bed-time storybooks 🙂

Here’s the link to the for-sale posting on craigslist:

If it stayed at our house it would surely hold Islands magazine and Afar – a fantastic new magazine about experiential travel. Which books or magazines would you store in this charming magazine rack?


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