Challah french toast

Just like I said last time, we’re baking bread once a week. This week we baked a challah using Brian’s Grandmother Dubke’s recipe. Her recipe uses the word “glass” for cup, as in “1/4 glass sugar.”

Here it is coming out of the oven yesterday afternoon – it smelled divine!

It sat on the cooling rack for a while, making the house smell amazing all night. As you can see, it’s a little crooked – so adorable, right? Don’t you just want to eat it up?

Every once in a while we host Shabbat dinners and our friends bring delicious (store-bought) challah. We always look forward to eating the leftover challah as french toast on either Saturday or Sunday morning. So now that we had a loaf of home-made challah, we were REALLY excited about enjoying french toast! Look what I had for breakfast this morning:

Grandmother Dubke’s home-made challah french toast sprinkled with powdered sugar, accompanied by raspberries and strawberries, french vanilla yogurt, french press coffee and 1/2 & 1/2, served on my Grandma Pauline’s Danish stoneware = breakfast heaven!


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