Who’s afraid of a little rain?

A couple of weeks ago on a grey stormy evening as I was walking from the subway to the grocery store, I passed a cute little chair on the sidewalk. It appeared to be a give-away from somebody who was moving out of her apartment.  I considered picking it up but remembered that I really needed to get my groceries and get home before the impending storm hit. So I continued one more block and did my grocery shopping (one cardboard box full), but couldn’t get this cute little chair out of my mind.

As I left the grocery store, I experienced a back-and-forth battle in my head (this scenario is pretty common for me): the chair was cute, small, and seemed portable. It was sitting on the sidewalk asking for a new home! However, it had started raining lightly and I could tell the wind was picking up. And I was carrying a box of groceries in addition to my way-too-large shoulder bag. AND I was wearing a dress and heels.

I silenced the reasonable “go-home” voice in my head and listened instead to the “how can you pass up a free chair?” voice. I proceeded with my box of groceries back up the block and happily found the chair waiting for me. I nestled my box of groceries and my shoulder bag onto the seat of the chair and picked up the whole shebang. Walking to the end of that first block wasn’t too bad…I took a short break and calculated three and a half blocks to go.

The rain and wind picked up. My hair was whipping around in my face and big, fat raindrops landed on my groceries. I walked another half block and had to put the chair down. It was heavier than I’d guessed. My forearms were getting sore.

The dark clouds and whooshing winds reminded me of the tornado weather that hit Park Slope last summer. I got a little scared and my heart began pumping faster than normal…everyone else was ducking into building lobbies, waiting for the storm to pass. I just continued walking half a block in between rest breaks like a crazy woman…in my dress and heels.

After the longest, wettest, wildest three and a half blocks I’ve ever walked, I made it home…with sore forearms, soggy groceries, soaked shoes, and wind-whipped hair. And the cute free chair!

Here’s another shot, with the bluebell magazine rack I painted last weekend completing the picture:

At first I thought maybe I would re-upholster it, but I actually really liked the lime green slipcover and it was in good condition. It just needed a good wash and a little accessorizing to jazz it up. I already had this cute embroidered pillow, which made a perfect partner:

How sweet is that? Perfect for a kid’s room, right? Or maybe a cheerful addition to an adult bedroom, office, or living room.

The chair and pillow are both originally from Ikea. We don’t have any need for them here at our place so onto Craigslist they go – my determined walk in the rain will turn into some well-earned dough! See the for-sale post here.

For those of you mildly concerned about bedbug infestations on found furniture, be assured that I did a thorough check (see this Guide from the NYC Department of Health for tips) and this chair is certified bedbug free!


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