Jen’s Studio – before

My friend Jen recently moved into a new studio apartment in Prospect Heights. She agreed to let me help her design and decorate it. She snapped a few pictures of the space before she brought in any of her furniture or boxes.

Here’s the main living space, with two big windows facing north over the green treetops. The opening in the wall on the right leads to the kitchen, which has a third window.

Here’s the charming decorative fireplace and mantle, which we will emphasize in the design of the living room. This picture also shows one of the apartment’s two closets.

And here’s the “bedroom nook,” with the door to the bathroom on the left, and the entry door next to the apartment’s second closet.

My favorite things about this apartment are: the really nice wooden floors, the great natural light, the charming fireplace, and the fact that this is Jen’s very own space that she gets to decorate exactly how she wants 🙂

Stay tuned for follow-up posts on what we create together in this space! Thanks in advance to Jen for allowing me to help her design a comfortable, welcoming, light-filled space that she loves, and for allowing me to share about it on this blog!


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