Pizza Friday

You may have already read about our bread baking adventures: classic white bread, challah, and olive & thyme. We baked bread last Friday too…bread disguised as pizza! We can buy delicious pizza dough around here at the good pizzerias, and even at the grocery store, but we can also make our own from yeast, flour, water and a little salt.

Here’s my husband rolling out the dough, shaping it to fit on our pizza peel.

Once it’s about the right shape, it’s tricky business to transfer it from the counter onto the floured and corn-meal dusted wooden pizza peel. Then we get to add toppings – this time it was tomato sauce, olives, yellow tomato slices, sausage, and thin slices of mozzarella cheese.

Once all the toppings are on, we have to jiggle the pizza a little to make sure it doesn’t stick to the pizza peel. Once we’re sure it’s unstuck, into the oven and straight onto the baking stone it goes.

We got the idea for Pizza Fridays nights from Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, a wonderful book by Barbara Kingsolver that’s about her family’s quest to eat entirely locally for one year – they only ate food that they raised or grew themselves, or that was raised or grown locally in their region. They made pizzas with whatever seasonal produce was on hand every Friday, and we loved the idea of having a similar tradition. We’re not making pizza every Friday, but when we don’t have other plans, it’s our go-to.

This was a delicious Pizza Friday, no doubt about it!  My favorite part is the crisp, chewy crust 🙂 Leave me a comment with your favorite pizza topping and we’ll try it out next Friday!


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