Beth’s closet – before

My friend Beth has a teeny tiny closet and wanted help making the most out of her limited space. I visited her place last week to take measurements and capture some photos. Her closet is in a little hallway space between her bedroom (on the right) and the bathroom (on the left).

Beth has a fabulous wardrobe, and she tries to take really good care of her clothes. This is definitely a challenge when the space requires her to pack everything in like sardines!

Here’s a slightly closer shot, showing how she has several different storage bins for shoes, accessories, and other random stuff, in addition to all the hanging clothes.

Her closet has a lot of unused space at the top, and some available space to the left of the closet door. I’m thinking of a few different solutions, involving new slimline hangers, a battery-powered light, some new shelves, and a new shoe storage solution. We might even paint the hallway and spruce up the wall decor! Check back soon for a progress update!


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