Baby Bueno’s Big Boy Room

My co-worker Mailen asked me to help her put together her son’s first “big boy” room. I haven’t met him yet, but apparently he’s a charming, well-behaved baby so his nickname is “Baby Bueno.” She shared some pictures of the room with me to help me visualize the space, and we talked about what kind of room they want to create for him – a fun bedroom that’s all his, with space to sleep, read, play, and relax.

Baby Bueno already has a dark brown crib-turned-toddler-bed, a dresser that lives in the closet, and his parents are planning to install a flat-screen tv for him. Additional needs for the room include window coverings, a rug, somewhere to store toys and books, something to sit on while watching movies or reading, and a place to play and do art projects.

His parents painted his room bright blue to create a boyish, playful atmosphere.

Baby Bueno is a big fan of Spiderman, so his parents found a colorful Spiderman border that he’s very excited about. I suggested that we use the colors from the border (primary colors, mainly blue, red, and green) as a template for the colors in the rest of the room.  The border isn’t up yet, but here’s a screenshot:

There are currently black blinds covering the windows, but those will be switched out for something lighter.

For the windows, I’ve suggested a two layer look with white blinds to block light, and these cute green dot curtains from Ikea to frame the windows. The lighter colors on the windows will lighten up the entire room.

The floor is linoleum tile, so we’ll definitely want to put down a rug so Baby Bueno can be comfortable when he plays on the floor. This alphabet rug from Target would look really cute and help him learn his ABCs!

I thought Baby Bueno would have fun with a beanbag chair where he can sit to read books and watch tv. He’ll love lounging on this junior sized navy mod-pod from Target.

Mailen already found a child’s table & two matching chairs she likes that he can use for play and art projects:

Near the table & chairs, Mailen wanted a recommendation for some toy storage. These wall pockets from Ikea look great with the color scheme and will be perfect for storing small action figures and art supplies.  For books, these inexpensive colorful shelves from Ikea will be fun & functional in red and green. This red mesh hamper is perfect for larger toys, like stuffed animals and balls.



The room doesn’t have overhead lighting, so we need to add a few lamps. First, I suggested that they install a simple white reading light above Baby Bueno’s bed for bedtime stories. Second, he’ll definitely want some light near his play table – Mailen found this wall-mounted star-shaped lamp from Ikea and I love it too!


I think a simple white paper bubble shade, hung from the ceiling, would be a perfect way to light whole the room without taking up floor space. This would require both a paper shade and a cord set, both from Ikea. And finally, so that Baby Bueno doesn’t get scared at night in his very own big boy room, here’s a sweet boyish nightlight that will cast a comforting glow.


And, a cost run-down based on the items I’ve recommended here (not including white blinds for the windows):

ABC Rug – $29.99
Table + two chairs – $19.99
Mod pod – $89.99
Curtains – $12.99
Overhead bubble lamp + cord kit – $8.99
Bedtime reading lamp – $16.99
Star-shaped wall-mounted lamp – $9.99
Nightlight – $12.99
Wall pocket toy storage – $3.99
Colorful book shleves (2) – $13.98
Mesh hamper – $4.99

Total: $233.87

Baby Bueno is going to have a fantastic big boy’s room and I can’t wait to share the “after” photos with you! Maybe we’ll even get lucky with an appearance by Baby Bueno himself 🙂


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