Our block…through the seasons

We love our home on Garfield Place in Park Slope, Brooklyn, but we won’t be calling it home much longer. Our landlords, who currently live upstairs, are expanding and moving into the parlor floor where we’ve been living for the last four years. While we will dearly miss this place, we’re also excited to move on and create a new home for ourselves. Knowing that we’ll be packing our boxes soon, I wanted to photo-document our apartment so we could always remember our first home together.

This is only the first of a few posts about our home on Garfield, and I think it makes sense to start at the entrance! For us, the “entrance” to our home is our block, our areaway, and our stoop.

We think we live on one of the prettiest blocks in the neighborhood. We certainly live on one of the most unique blocks since we can see the infamous Pink House from our front windows!

Our block is beautiful through the seasons, especially when it gets dusted with a light snow in late fall….

…or pounded with a heavy snow in the middle of winter! This what it looks like when we open the front door in the morning and nobody has left the house yet…no footprints in the snow.

The trees looks so peaceful and beautiful…

Walking down the block to Prospect Park to play in the winter wonderland!

And cleaning up so we can safely get to and from work, the grocery store, etc…

And then the snow melts and it’s time to plant something colorful to welcome spring.

I’ve written a post about gardening on our stoop before. Here are a few images our plantings from the summer of 2010.

During the warm weather months, we’ve enjoyed our stoop and areaway in many different ways…as a gathering spot after a baby shower we hosted…

and as home to a block party and “stoop” sale…

We have loved our block and our stoop…through the seasons!

Next time I’ll welcome you into our living room and dining room!


Lunch break

One day on my lunch break last week, I took a walk outside around my office. Here’s what I found!

Immediately outside the exit door of my office building is this cool old “Svbway” sign. This is where I get on the subway every day to go home after work.

I work in the Manhattan Municipal Building, a gorgeous old skyscraper with a grand entrance, pictured below. It was designed by the famous architectural firm of McKim, Mead and White and completed in 1914 – it’s almost 100 years old!

My building is across the street from City Hall, which has a lovely park and central fountain. You can do some great people watching here when the weather is nice.

There are some really beautiful historic office buildings in this part of the City, including the Woolworth Building on Broadway.

Here’s a closer shot that shows the different colors of the stonework.

On the other side of City Hall Park, I really love this red brick building – check out the amazing detail!

Here’s a neat shot of some of the sculptural art on view in City Hall Park – you can see the Manhattan Municipal Building (where I work) in the background.

From City Hall Park, it’s a few blocks over to the World Trade Center construction site, where the new Freedom Tower is growing taller every day.

Progress is being made on an adjacent site, too.

On my way back to the office, I passed by a popular park, full of workers on their lunch breaks.

It was fun to walk around on my lunch break with a camera, pretending to be a tourist. What would you see if you were a tourist near your workplace?